Business Boss Up Academy is a Virtual Course for those desiring to launch their ONLINE BOUTIQUE OR BUSINESS, OR desiring to LEVEL-UP their current business. Courses are offered in 10wk formats with options of VIP membership to support continued growth, stability, and sustainability. BBU is for the Entrepreneur who KNOWS they want more and are ready to create a profitable online brands so they can generate multiple streams of income and have financial freedom!


"I had started and stopped my business a lot over the past few years but after DrLakesha announced her business course I made up mind to go all in full force!! She has already gave me soooo many tips and strategies and I have seen major $$ results already!! She is my motivation to having a SUCCESSFUL boutique!!."

- Lavonda Buchanan

Student Testimonials..

If you are ready to boss up or just trying to figure it out, LaKesha is your bundle of knowledge. She and I spoke a couple of nights ago, she was so excited about guiding me down this road to success. Not just in my business but my continued education. She is very motivational and most of ALL sincere. I am so happy to have her coaching and cheering me on to Success. So if you are ready to become a Business Boss reach out to her and let her strategize with you. She is not just a Fashion Plug, She can also be your Business Boss Up plug. THANK YOU LaKesha, for the talk and the messages of extended encouragement 


That's it, That's the Message

Student Testimonals....

Dr. Diva is so passionate in Everything that she does, From Caring about her patients,to making sure that the quality of the merchandise in her boutique is Top notch! now, Her “New Baby”, “Boss Academy “. I have had a one on one experience with the Diva on Every one of her businesses and I must say each and every experience with her has been so exciting I couldn’t wait until the next encounter. Once You have came in contact with this angel you instantly Know that no matter what you do she’s going to Guide you the right way.


My name is Dr. Lakesha Williams better known as Dr. Diva and I am your Online Business and/or Boutique BREAKTHROUGH ⚡️⚡️

* I help professionals shift from having “ONLY” their career job to becoming the CEO of their Business AND life by creating a profitable, luxury online brand so they can generate multiple streams of income and have financial freedom! I've had nothing "given" to me, worked hard to accomplish my dreams, just decided to BET on me! From living in a shelter, an abusive relationship and more, Im a Witness that it's your decisions that ultimately determine your destiny, NOT your conditions.My desire is to see every individual accomplsih their God given potential and manifest their dreams. Remember, Dreams /Visions without work is merely hallucinations.

I offer an online 10 wk course to help you launch or LEVEL UP your online boutique/business, or develop a sellable course by packaging your knowledge for profit. I also include my trademarked "DIVALOCITY PARADIGM" in the course, which is the exact strategy that took both of my home based businesses which started in my foyer to the forefront as a multi-six figure businesses.

Im ready when you are!- Dr. Diva